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A Gallery Of The First Full Moon Of Spring Looking Absolutely Stunning

By Secret Los Angeles

Featured Image: e_streetview

The glowing globe looked truly breathtaking.

On Palm Sunday, spring’s first full moon known as ‘The Paschal’ moon illuminated the skies, marking the Jewish Passover and the weekend before Easter. The rocky satellite is considered to be a supermoon by some—when a full moon that falls within 90% of perigee and is closest to Earth—which will continue to mesmerize stargazers until Tuesday, March 30.

Native American tribes named it the ‘Crow Moon’ reflecting the cawing crows that signaled the end of the sleepy winter and beginning of spring or the ‘Worm Moon’ because the earthworms would become more apparent in the thawing ground. Whatever you decide to call it, there’s no doubt that it is one of the most magical full moons of the year. With air warming up and sweet floral scents filling the air, it seems to herald a fresh new beginning.

If you’re not inspired to go out and catch it tonight, this little gallery of images might do the trick: