This Floating Restaurant In Lebanon Is Straight Out Of A Dream

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The Shallalat Al Zarka restaurant in Baakline, Lebanon is simply sublime.

When it comes to sitting down for dinner, it’s difficult to imagine that there is a more enchanting place to do it than at the Shallalat Al Zarka restaurant in Lebanon. Nestled along a cove on the El Choufe River, the restaurant offers visitors the chance to dine in a tropical hideaway that’s no short of paradise.

It’s no secret: there aren’t many places that Americans can travel right now. Spain, France, and most European countries are no-go for the moment. Lebanon, however, has opened their doors to the United States. And while the beautiful country of Lebanon might not sit at the top of your list of idyllic travel destinations, perhaps the Shallalat Al Zarka restaurant in Baakline will bump it up on the list.

The restaurant has its roots in the early 1970s, when the Khodr family purchased the land next to a main lake that was referred to as “Al Zarka” — translating to blue, for its crystal clear waters. Soon, travelers discovered the little hideaway, and would visit often to picnic.

The Khodr family would cater to the travelers and would lend bread, charcoal, oil, and other necessities for those in need. Later down the road, the family began to serve visitors home-cooked food. News of the quality of the quality of the food, as well as its pristine location, quickly spread and eventually, the family’s small service grew into a full service restaurant.

Shallalat Al Zarka serves traditional Lebanese cuisine that includes tabouleh, hummus, as well as fruits, vegetables, and an assortment of meat and seafood dishes. Additionally, the restaurant serves a multitude of libations that include wine, beer, and cocktails.

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating. You can eat on the deck, or with proper reservations, take your meal in a personal boat floating at the foot of the waterfall. If you’re not hungry, the restaurant allows swimming and boating at certain hours.

Additionally, if you just want a photo for Instagram, the restaurant also allows photoshoots with proper reservations. To make the reservation of your choosing, you can contact them at 00961 3 560 301.

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