You Can Now Try Salted Caramel BBQ Wings In L.A.

If you've ever wondered what caramel on chicken tastes like, now is your chance!

We’ve seen all sorts of sauces drizzled over chicken wings before – but Salted Caramel BBQ has to be one of the more adventurous flavors.

Buffalo Wild Wings, the famous sports bar chain with 20 L.A. locations, is back at it again with yet another unique sauce. Unlike the traditional seasonings at B Dubs – Buffalo, Hot BBQ, Lemon Pepper – the limited-edition flavor adds caramel and salt to the restaurant’s Honey BBQ Sauce. Could salted caramel wings be the new maple syrup ‘n’ bacon? People on Twitter seem to have mixed opinions about the idea:




Alongside the debut of the salty and sweet chicken wings comes BWW’s Korean BBQ summer sauce which blends soy sauce, red chilli pepper, rice vinegar, and garlic. The excitement continues with a new ‘Over-The-Top Nachos plate,’ topping tortilla chips with honey BBQ chicken or pork, corn, onions, jalapeños, ranch and queso!

Accompanying the seasonally-inspired dishes is a Platinum Margarita, as well as two rival craft beers: the Samuel Adams New England IPA and Lagunitas IPA. (Would it be a proper sports bar without some East Coast–West Coast rivalry?) All of the items are available now and will be featured on the menu through August 19th.
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