The Saved By The Max Pop-Up Remodeled Two Experiences Before Announcing Its Final Semester

You can now chill out in Zack Morris’ bedroom and the Malibu Sands Beach Club!

It feels like that bittersweet moment of the last semester of school all over again. Saved By The Max, the Saved By The Bell pop-up based on the classic teen sitcom has announced that they will close at the end of April. But before leaving Hollywood, the traveling pop-up has remodeled to add two new spaces to nostalgic experience.

If hanging out in Zack’s room has always been a dream of yours, now’s your chance to finally visit the iconic bad boy bedroom sporting a retro design with iconic memorabilia and all! You can even snap a pic next to a Kelly Kapowski cut out which is only creepy when you really think about it…

The dining bar in the main room has been redesigned to create Malibu Sands Beach Club, the go-to hangout for the SBTB crew during the random season that took place in a beach club instead of their high school.

Book your reservation before school is out, today!

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