A Full ‘Snow Moon’ Will Illuminate The Night Sky This Weekend

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A Full ‘Snow Moon’ Will Illuminate The Night Sky This Weekend

Say goodbye to “frosty” February and usher in spring with this gorgeous full ‘Snow Moon’

February’s full moon known as the “Snow Moon” will illuminate the night skies, rising on February 26 and peaking on February 27. Stargazers can catch a glimpse of this glowing globe from moonrise (sunset) to moonset (sunrise), but it will be on at its brightest on Saturday at around 12.17 a.m. PT.

As with most full moons, the moniker stems from ancient Native American naming traditions. These names are often a reflection of the season in which they appear and the accompanying conditions. With February being the month with the highest recorded snowfall in the Northern hemisphere, “Snow Moon” is only fitting. Although, it’s known by many other names in various tribes and cultures. Some may know it as the “Hunger Moon” as tribes weren’t able to hunt during these heavy snow seasons.

This will be the second full moon of the year, but not the last. We’re lucky enough to see this stunning spectacle every time the moon and sun are on the exact opposite sides of the Earth. While lunar phases happen at the same time around the world, the hours that it’s visible will vary.

For certain parts of the world (where winter is actually a thing) this will mark the end of the cold winter and the beginning of spring. Luckily, West Coast residents won’t need a snow shovel to head outside and see this phenomenon. Just pick a good vantage point, look up and take in all the beauty.

 Featured Image: Frank Cone via Pexels

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