Mayor Eric Garcetti Warns Of A New Stay-At-Home Order

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis


As L.A. sees record highs in positive cases, the mayor says L.A. is close to another lockdown.

On Sunday Mayor Eric Garcetti warned that L.A. is “on the brink” of a new lockdown stating that it opened too hastily. In the CNN interview, the mayor was asked how much worse the numbers needed to be in order for that to happen. Garcetti responded by saying that it was something that was largely controlled at a state and county level. However, according to officials, the mayor does have the power to institute stricter measures but not more lenient ones.

This follows a prolonged surge in cases with L.A. County, reaching a record number of hospitalizations and infections in the last week. The city currently has more than 150,000 positive cases. On Thursday L.A. saw Thursday 4,500 new cases, the highest number yet.

“Cases have gone up, but we also have the most aggressive testing,” Garcetti said. “We’re the first city to offer testing to people without symptoms. And 30% of what we’re catching thankfully is those folks.”

He also pointed to a number of factors influencing the rapid spread, which included opening too quickly and a lack of national guidance. Additionally, fatigue across communities has caused many to drop their guard when it comes to wearing masks diligent handwashing and social distancing.

“It’s not just what’s open and closed,” he said. “It’s also about what we do individually.”

Although L.A. isn’t under a stay-at-home order, there have been a number of closures statewide and countywide. Garcetti mentioned plans of taking on a more “surgical” approach, which would involve targeting key groups or areas rather than shutting the whole city down completely.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons