There’s A Garden Brunch Happening And It Features Adorable Goats And Mimosas

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

labor day weekend

Come for the delicious mimosa brunch, stay for goats!

Flowing mimosas served chilled with a delicious brunch in a lush garden is pretty heavenly on its own. What you may not have considered, is that the addition of goats in a gorgeous farm setting is utter bliss. That’s why 29 Oaks Ranch is bringing a taste of the good life to you with an exclusive Mimosa Brunch with Goofy Goats!

So grab a ticket and escape to the idyllic pastoral setting of the Santa Monica Mountains. Here, you’ll enjoy an upscale cheese-based brunch and mimosas with the irresistible distraction of adorable four-legged residents.

Credit: Ron Atory via Unsplash

You’ll join your host Lynn, the owner of the vast organic farm, where you’ll take in the gorgeous garden views with a chilled mimosa in hand. After that, you’ll be introduced to the sweet goats and become acquainted with their quirky, mischievous nature. After your heart has completely melted from doting on the newborn kids, brunch will be served.

There’ll be a selection of delicious things to munch on, like goat cheese quiche, jalapeno stuffed poppers, and sweet potato fries with goat cheese aioli creme. Mimosas will flow during this 2-hour outdoor garden experience as you relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Cheeseboro Canyon Park.

If the session leaves you yearning for more, you’ll be pleased to know that they also offer overnight stays, horse trail rides. On-site visits, goat parties, and petting zoos, as well as wine and whiskey tastings, are offered by appointment too. After attending your session you’ll become an honorary member of 29 Oaks and will be able to visit the lush ranch whenever you find yourself in Los Angeles.

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