L.A. Protestors Gathered To Rally Against The Death Of George Floyd, Here’s What It Looked Like

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On Wednesday, protesters gathered across L.A. to speak up about the death of George Floyd.

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter L.A. protestors took to the streets to protest against the death of an African American man that died after having his neck crushed by the knee of an officer in Minneapolis. People gathered around the Civic Center, later breaking off to create a blockade on the freeway and continued along Aliso Street. There was also a large gathering outside of Los Angeles County Hall of Justice.

Many of the signs read “I can’t breathe” which Floyd repeatedly uttered as he slowly lost consciousness. The haunting words seemed to echo those of Eric Garner’s, another black man that lost his life in a similar way in New York in 2014. These words have become the national rallying cry against police brutality.

There were reports of vandalism such as tagging the outside of buildings, but overall it was far less violent than what was seen in Minneapolis. However, one protestor sustained an injury after falling off a police vehicle as it began to drive away while protestors standing on top of it, this was captured by an NBC4 chopper.

Most of us have been left speechless by the video of Floyd and these protestors speak for the outrage we all feel. Sadly, this loss has served as a reminder of a systemic problem.

This is what the Los Angeles protest looked like:

A young girl yells “black lives matter” in DTLA. 

People gathered outside of the Hall of Justice with their arms raised in solidarity. 

Photo showing a peaceful part of the protest downtown.

Footage of masked protestors chanting “black lives matter.”

Marchers leading up to the Hall of Justice respecting social distancing measures more so than most beachgoers.

Warning: the content below may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.

Footage of police vehicles accelerating with protestors on top.  

Featured Image: @abcklmxyz

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