Glass Tanning Booths May Be The ‘New Normal’ On Your Next Beach Vacation

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

glass tanning booths

An Italian company has proposed a novel idea for the novel virus: Plexiglass tanning booths for beaches.

What would Italy be without its glistening shores filled with tanned bodies basking in the balmy Mediterranean sun? Well, not¡w that the pandemic has decimated the county’s tourism industry—along with everyone’s summer vacation—the country is desperately seeking any kind of solution.

However, if there’s one thing we have learned through all of this it’s that Italians will not let anything get in the way of living the good life. Whether it’s a balcony party or a neighbor throwing a board across to the balcony next door to share a candlelit dinner, they have shown relentless spirit to restore the joy in their lives.

So, it comes as no surprise that this Italian manufacturer, Nuova Neon Group 2, has drawn up plans for glass tanning booths. The 15 by 15 feet transparent cubicles might give a glimmer of hope, that the dolce vita magic might be salvaged—but without the risk of someone sneezing on you and setting off another pandemic.

Welcome to your dystopian paradise.

Photo: NuovaNeon Group 2 via La Republica

The group has put forward a range of options and is already creating protective shields for restaurants and pharmacies. You might be surprised to hear that the new designs have piqued the interest of many officials, according to La Republica. Meanwhile, others expressed concerns about dehydrating in the “glass cages.”

Whether or not the plans will prevail is still uncertain, but at least someone is out there spitballing ideas to move the country forward.

Featured image: Nuova Neon Group 2

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