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Glendale Galleria Has Turned Its Parking Garage Into An Outdoor Dining Setup

By Ashlyn Davis

It’s not exactly an urban oasis, but it may be better than nothing.

Like most retail centers, the Glendale Galleria and its stores have taken hit during the lockdown. In an attempt to mitigate the continual disruption of opening and closing—along with the challenge of keeping up with health and safety measures—the mall has come up with a plan that bridges outdoor dining and curbside pickup or takeout: parking garage dining.

Tables have been pulled out into the parking area and spaced apart with cones, allowing customers that are picking up items curbside or getting takeout to take a seat and enjoy meals while they’re hot. Some even come with a patch of faux grass to create a backyard feel.

Once you drive in and find a designated spot, you’ll notify the merchant and provide the table number shown on a signboard.

The Glendale Galleria initially closed in March and reopened at the end of may, but as cases surged across the state, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered an immediate halt on all indoor operations.

There are only a handful of stores open for pickup and delivery, including In-N-Out, and this temporary solution might be a way of helping them survive these uncertain times.

Here a full list of stores and restaurants that are currently open at the Galleria.

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