This Outdoor Yoga Class With Mini Goats Is The Definition Of Bliss

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

This Outdoor Yoga Class With Mini Goats Is The Definition Of Bliss

It may seem a little wild but goat yoga is hands down the best way to restore your sanity.

The best way to lure in furry farm friends for cuddles? The Full Wheel Pose—the one where you drop back and your belly is thrust towards the sky. Why? Well, because goats are natural climbers. When they see a flat surface they are compelled to climb it. These sorts of poses are more comfortable in the right gear which is where the yoga pants and mats come in handy—because let’s be honest, no one is really here for the yoga.

If you’re even slightly curious about yoga and absolutely adore cute animals, goat yoga is about to become your new favorite activity. With a short drive to The Cabra Farmhouse in Thousand Oaks, you’ll be surrounded by calming natural scenery where you’ll breathe and bleat with the rest of the herd.

Credit: The Cabra Farmouse

Each class is 45 minutes long, then you’ll switch the yoga posing for photo posing in a short cuddle session with all the farm animals, including chickens and the pot-bellied pig Prosciutto. There’ll also be a chance to purchase some of the farm’s skincare products, handmade using milk from their own goats.

Credit: The Cabra Farmhouse

Who knew that the little hooves trotting over you could be the deep tissue sports massage you needed? While the combination seems a little wild at first, the concept has become outrageously popular. Sweeping the grassy rural lands, beaches and city parks (even office parks) of America and delivering pure joy to the nation’s animal-loving yogis.

While a goat staring straight into your eyes in a Downward Dog may sound distracting, it somehow evokes a serious amount of happiness and it’s incredibly therapeutic. At least according to the dozens of raving reviews.

Perhaps it’s their competitive spirit that spurs you on or the validation of a cute creature choosing to sit on your mat (or you) can provide? Or maybe it’s that a needy animal demanding cuddles while you’re desperately trying to focus on your breathing that serves as a sweet reminder of what’s really important in life: Love and cuddles.

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Featured Image: The Cabra Farmhouse

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