This Gondola Cruise Offers A European Escape Along The Canals Of Long Beach

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This Gondola Cruise Offers A European Escape Along The Canals Of Long Beach

Take the scenic route through the enchanting Naples Canals to celebrate the month of love!

While traveling over 6,000 miles to Venice is out of the question right now, there’s still the option of taking a 30-minute drive to Long Beach for a taste of European life. You can glide down the stunning Naples Canals on 38-foot asymmetrical beauties as Gondoliers propel you down under the romantic, high-arching bridges as you travel past the Accademia, to the Ravenna, to the Toledo and the Neapolitan East and then the famous “Treasure Island” bridge.

Gondolas first appeared in these parts back in 1903 when the Islands were developed into a Venetian-style neighborhood or the “Dreamland of Southern California” by Arthur Parsons and his land company. The grand canals and stunning bridges, which are similar to the “Venice of America” developed by Abbot Kinney in Los Angeles, connect the islands as well as the community of Alamitos Bay.

Each cruise lasts an hour and can carry up to 6 passengers with several booking options for special occasions, from champagne wedding celebrations or wine tastings featuring decadent charcuterie boards to brunch dates.

Valentine’s Day packages come with a gorgeous long-stemmed rose and a keepsake photo to immortalize the precious moments. If you want to pour your heart out but don’t know how to say it, you can always add on a message in a bottle for your special someone.

However, it’s Wonderland of Lights and Decor throughout December that is truly special. The water is illuminated into a kaleidoscopic river of lights with reflections from the holiday installations covering the walkways and bridges.

While these canal trips take place outdoors with reservations required, the safety measures and protocols will be adapted in accordance with the Public Health Department’s guidelines. For example, catering may not be possible at this time and groups may be limited to one household. Although, you can always book a cruise for someone special as a gift and even request a message in a bottle or rose petals. Prices start from $50 per person for a two-passenger cruise or $350 for up to 6 guests (normally 10 outside of restrictions).

Location: 5437 E Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90803





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