Take A Virtual Tour Of Real-Life Harry Potter Locations, Including Hogwarts And Diagon Alley

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

Harry Potter

We’ve reached peak lockdown, Potterheads.

You can now go on a virtual trail of all the best, most magical spots from the Harry Potter movies. Glide through Hogwarts(!), take a short-cut to Diagon Alley (without the magic dust, unfortunately), and run towards Platform 9 and 3/4. [Featured Image: Unsplash]

Courtesy of Google Earth, you can take this wizarding tour of all the best spots. Diagon Alley, for example, can be viewed at its day job posing as London’s Leadenhall Market.

Image: Leadenhall Market (Unsplash)

We don’t have much to cheer about at the moment, but Harry Potter fans have been cast under a lucky spell. We’ve been spoiled with everything from quizzes to virtual escape rooms, to the Harry Potter portal launched by JK Rowling herself.

Let’s hope there’ll be plenty more Harry Potter content to come. But for now, go nuts over real-life spots in the film that you might not have checked out until now.

Access all of the beautiful locations via Google Earth right here.