‘HOLLYBOOB’ Vandals Arrested With L.A. Police Calling The Stunt ‘Way Uncool’

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‘HOLLYBOOB’ Vandals Arrested With L.A. Police Calling The Stunt ‘Way Uncool’

Some are calling it ‘the breast thing ever,’ but officials weren’t so amused.

Earlier this week, a group scaled the hills where the Hollywood sign is located and managed to momentarily change it to ‘Hollyboob’ by placing a large ‘B’ banner over the ‘W’ and adding a white dash to the ‘D’. Vsauce was one of the first to spot the sign’s temporary makeover on Twitter and six people, including influencers, have since been arrested.

Los Angeles Police Captain Steve Lurie took to Twitter on Monday evening calling it ‘way uncool’ while confirming the arrests. He also noted that the L.A. landmarks are precious to the LAPD Hollywood division and that the act posed major risks.

The Hollywood Sign Trust and official Twitter account have also condemned the alteration saying, ‘this renowned icon should be appreciated not demeaned.’

Social Media influencer and Founder of Shag Mag (a self-proclaimed rival to Playboy) has proudly taken ownership of the concept and stunt, saying it was a response to Instagram censorship and an attempt to raise awareness for breast cancer. She claims to have lost millions of followers—and dollars— due to nudity warnings on the platform.

While it’s not exactly the best stunt ever or breast cancer awareness month, it did get attention and probably made quite a few people smile today.

Featured Image: Ahmet Yalçınkaya via Unsplash

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