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A Haunted Dinner & Cocktail Experience Is Happening At An Old L.A. Mansion, And You’re Invited

By Ashlyn Davis

Switch up your sweets for potent potions and indulge in a delicious evening of horror.

Welcome hungry guests! A night of horror awaits you in a graveyard at L.A.’s oldest haunted house. Drop your candy basket at the door and step into this historic, three-story Victorian mansion where you’re promised a thrilling night, that will torment you forever. 

Confirm your seat at the dinner table and make your way through various scenes and experience the ominous presence that follows you throughout the night. There’ll be eerie encounters, with the eyes of demons, vampires, and witches, on you at all times. Every hair on your neck will be pricked up, but fear not, there’ll plenty of potions to take the edge off.  

Once you’ve made your way out of the maze of cobwebs and hallways with creaking floors, you’ll be treated to a dinner in a wonderfully macabre outdoor area—a graveyard. The ghostly hosts will feed you a menu that is simply “to die for” so make sure you come with an appetite. It’s worth noting that dinner is optional and will be available for purchase at the hour-long event. Either way, you’ll be sipping on delectable cocktails with a whole lot of thrilling happenings to get your pulse racing. 

Leave your fear at the door and reserve your spot at the dinner table here