You Can Stay In This Enchanting 1930s Castle In Hollywood Hills

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You Can Stay In This Enchanting 1930s Castle In Hollywood Hills

Step into a storybook hideaway in the hills…

Step off the Sunset Strip and into this restored 1920s Hollywood Hills castle shrouded in ancient oak trees and blooming bougainvillea. It has everything you’d expect from a fairytale abode to be but with modern comforts that will make you feel like absolute royalty. While it’s in the heart of the bustling neighborhoods, there’s nothing but the sound of birds tweeting once you walk inside. This is where writers, artists and hopeless romantics come to escape the world and seek inspiration in surreal surroundings.

Storybook architecture became popular in the 1920s and is characterized by playful styles that are often done in an exaggerated medieval style and are intentionally made to look ancient with plenty of handmade decorative motifs.

Credit: Hollywood Hills Castle

This historic house is a rare example of the whimsical world of Storybook architecture and looks as though it has magically been transformed from a drawing in a book into a solid, stone beauty. It’s fit for any prince or princess, complete with a sparkling pool, a spa, a fire pit, a modern kitchen, 3 fireplaces, heated bidet toilets, organic bedding and plush towels. Although, it’s the gigantic marble steam shower with beautiful brass accents that steals the show.

Credit: Hollywood Hills Castle

Once you’ve thoroughly marveled at the fascinating structures you can wander through the private courtyards and gardens, sunbathe on the deck, let your hair down on the balcony, and explore the tunnels or cave.

Credit: Hollywood Hills Castle

Guests can choose from three different bedrooms, each with its own character and charm—and fireplace. There’s the circular master bedroom with wooden accented, a chandelier, stain-glass windows and a claw-foot tub. The downstairs studio is more artsy with rustic touchesand light pouring in from the garden.

It’s not  every day that you get to a castle perched on the hills on the Lookout Mountain section of Laurel Canyon.

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