Explore Psychedelic Oddities At This Hidden Sculpture Garden In Hollywood

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Explore Psychedelic Oddities At This Hidden Sculpture Garden In Hollywood

Step into an ever-evolving artwork.

Hidden in the mountains, you’ll find this creative haven filled with curiosities? The Hollywood Sculpture Garden is the home—and continually-changing canvas— of collector Dr. Robby Gordon. He has taken this steep backyard, perched in the hills and created a wonderland of winding paths that take you on a journey through the imaginative works from local and international artists. If you’re making the great trek to the iconic Hollywood Sign, then you should take a little detour down this fascinating rabbit hole.

In the backyard, amongst the thriving succulent varieties, you’ll come across everything from ornate stone designs that showcase incredible craftsmanship to psychedelic landscapes that will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a Pink Floyd album cover. There’ll be Transformer-Esque characters created from metal scraps donning 80s eyewear and gazing into the sunny skies, mannequins towering above you on platforms that look like they’ve dived into a Pollock painting. At night, the colorful coatings of neon paint, dripping off every conceivable surface that transforms the place into a glowing palace with sweeping views of the twinkling city in the backdrop.

But if you decide to go in, and you should, you might be given a pair of 3D glasses and that’s when things really come alive. As wander through the premises, there’ll be artists running around working on their own additions to this giant masterpiece. It’s prime real estate, where creatives can come together in a vibrant space, artists can display their work to the dozens of collectors passing through and art-lovers can always expect to be dazzled with a new surprise with every visit.



The outer garden is always open for visitors to peruse and the entire space can be rented out for special occasions. However, your best bet is to call or fill out a visitor’s form to call ahead on (949) 861-1709. 

Location: 2430 Vasanta Way, Los Angeles, CA 90068







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