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Ride Into The Largest Collection Of Life-Sized Hot Wheels At This Drive-Thru In L.A.

By Ashlyn Davis

This larger-than-life Hot Wheels Drive-Thru experience will ignite your imagination!

Hot Wheels fans are about to be absolutely floored! A larger-than-life fleet of their most exciting models has taken over the Toyota Arena in Ontario—and they’ve just extended the experience through January 10th. 

Credit: Hot Wheels

Take a lap around a mile-long showcase of the largest collection of Hot Wheels life-size vehicles. This epically-scaled exhibit featuring 50 legendary cars, monster trucks, including the Hall of Fame’s Deora® II and the original Bone Shaker®. 

You’ll enter through dazzling light tunnels and ride into a spectacular arena of giant vehicles your inner child could only dream of. Yes, that means the world’s tallest and heaviest monster truck BIGFOOT® #5 will be there too. 

Credit: Hot Wheels

There’ll be interactive features activated with contactless QR codes. Oh, and if you hear hysterical screaming, it’s most likely the excited children (and parents) seeing a 4- Story MEGASAURAS up close for the first time. 

This unique experience, made up of life-size replicas, takes the family drive-thru model up a gear. Tickets start at $45 per vehicle and come with a free Hot Wheels 3-Car Pack plus a photo. However, additional toy packs can be added to online tickets too. 

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