This Macabre ‘House Of Spirits’ Cocktail Soirée Has Taken Over A Historic Manor, And The Doors Are Open!

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This Macabre ‘House Of Spirits’ Cocktail Soirée Has Taken Over A Historic Manor, And The Doors Are Open!

Following the success of its 2019 debut, House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soirée has returned for the fall with a new season, new characters and new cocktails!

Prepare yourself for a night full of mystery and magic, paired perfectly with cocktails. This Fall, you are invited to a Halloween soirée at a stylish, but eerie manor! House of Spirits is a 2-hour immersive cocktail experience with a hair-raising and interactive storyline that promises to leave guests delightfully chilled.

A historic manor home in Highland Park will become your portal to this dark and enchanting realm. Once you step through the doors, you’ll join a mystical party and unknowingly partake in a strange ritual that brings the manor’s mysteries to life.

This macabre gathering relates to the haunting demise of the Vasiliev family, at the hands of the unholy ‘miracle man,’ Volkov. Inspired by the real-life history of Russian holy-man Rasputin and the Romanov royal family, House of Spirits weaves a disturbing and original story with fascinating riffs on classic Russian/Scandinavian folktales.

You’ll have the chance to mingle with strange specters, witness secret ceremonies, invoke spirits on a giant Ouija Board, and enjoy themed cocktails, magic, music and more! It’s one sinister, curiosity-filled occasion you don’t want to miss!

The event includes four miniature cocktails inspired by a dearly departed spirit. Additional cocktails, beer, wine, and food items will be available for purchase at the event. And to turn things up a notch, guests are encouraged to dress in cocktail attire, or period-themed costumes!

Book your tickets and step into a world of mysterious wonders!

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