Hike To This Secret Cave Swing For Breathtaking Views Of The Valley

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Hike To This Secret Cave Swing For Breathtaking Views Of The Valley

A vividly graffitied window into Rocky Peak Park.

The Hummingbird Trail offers a stunning hike through the sparse Rocky Peak landscape located near Simi Valley and if you follow that right path it will lead you to a peak with a swing hidden inside a colorful, graffitied cave. This trail isn’t for the faint-hearted though.  While it’s only a 4-mile loop, it involves a continuous incline and some rock scrambling which can be both challenging and dangerous. Once you get to the cave thorough, you’ll see why it’s absolutely worth it for those sweeping views—and you get to rest your legs while you enjoy the swing.

[Featured Image: @gabriela_llopez]

Prime seasons tend to be between October and May as there’s little to no shade available—so summer days can be brutal. However, you’ll want to make sure you bring enough water with you regardless of when you decide to go since it’s quite a workout. At certain times of the year, you’ll also get to enjoy wildflowers along the route.

Your workout begins at Hummingbird Trail, from there you’ll need to follow signs to get to the secret cave and swing—or by taking a side trail, called the Grunge Trail and exiting to the swing. You’ll need to use ropes to go down though. Once you make your way back to Grunge Trail you will land up on Rocky Peak Trail, the back to Hummingbird Trail.

This graffitied cave and its swing is a popular spot for the ‘Gram because of the incredible views, so you may want to plan your trip for the early mornings when there are fewer people. However, there are plenty of other caves and routes to explore if you prefer quieter spots with beautiful rock formations to marvel at. Just be aware that it’s not easy terrain to traverse which makes it a perfect place for more experienced hikers to explore “off-piste”. You’ll find lots of mountain bikers and dog owners (with pets on leashes) in the area too.

Remember to take everything you came with, back with you.

Location: 2954-2980 Kuehner Dr, Simi Valley, CA 93063


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