3 Places To Catch The Dreamy Display Of Rose Blooms In L.A.

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3 Places To Catch The Dreamy Display Of Rose Blooms In L.A.

A technicolor wonderland awaits.

It’s officially the season to stop and smell the roses at the Huntington and Descanso gardens. While the wildflower blooms all but vanish from the deserts and valleys, roses are making a colorful entrance at these two natural havens. Rich shades of red, yellow, pink and white roses are beautifying the space and filling the air with the cherished floral scent.

The Huntington

It’s no secret that The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens is known for its incredible show of fauna and flora, but the roses are one of the biggest draws. Walking through the archways feels like stepping into A Midsummer Night’s Dream—surreal and impossibly stunning.

The three-acre garden contains more than 2,500 individual plants and more than 1,300 different cultivated varieties (cultivars), including the very special ‘Huntington’s 100th’ Rose hybridized by Tom Carruth, The Huntington’s E. L. The pastel-colored creation emits an intense fragrance of lemon blossom with a hint of baby powder, according to their website.

Advanced bookings are required and can be made online here.

Descanso Gardens

Meanwhile, Descanso’s Rose Garden boasts around 1,600 roses (all currently reaching peak bloom) planted in the 5.5-acre space with a curated selection of species, including sustainable roses, that thrive in the region’s unique climate. This beautiful floral display represents hundreds of years of rose cultivation that have brought unique hybridized variations like the ever-popular ‘Charlotte Armstrong’ and ‘Queen Elizabeth,’ according to the website.

You can wander through this dreamy rainbow of flowers by making a reservation online here.

Exposition Park Rose Garden

While the two spots above are already quite popular for bloom-seekers, you can also find a sea of colorful roses at Exposition Park Rose Garden. The stunning oasis is open from 8:30 to dusk daily and is filled with towering rases in every imaginable color. This historic garden has been around since the 1920s and is one of the lesser-known treasures in L.A. Find out more here.

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