IKEA Reveals Instructions For 6 Different Types Of Blanket Forts

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan

IKEA Reveals Instructions For 6 Different Types Of Blanket Forts

What better way to hide from the pandemic?

We may not be able to fight over how to assemble that brand new piece of MDF furniture right now, but in case you’re missing those tense relationship tests, IKEA has been sporadically dropping assembly instructions for other things that we can disagree over, starting with their iconic meatballs just last month, and most recently, revealing how to make furniture forts at home.

Unveiling six easy-to-create dens, there’s a little something for everyone to try, and it’s all thanks to IKEA Russia and their uber-creative agency, Instinct. From the ‘camping tent’ to the ‘fortress’, what better way to entertain yourself while staying at home? Of course, each set of instructions includes a classic piece of IKEA furniture (fantastic marketing if I do say so myself), but the forts can be created just as well with the furniture you already own.

1. Förtress

The perfect den for those who want to hide away while reading a book or catching up on their favourite shows, the Förtress utilises all of the sofa cushions to ward away other humans. The ultimate fort for peace and quiet.

2. Höuse

An absolute classic, this one’s super easy to recreate and will take you right back to your childhood days. Perfect for hoarding all the snacks.

3. Cåmping Tent

Got a spare rail hanging around the house? Here’s the perfect use for it.

4. Cåve

Another great way of relaxing under-the-radar. Curl up behind the sofa, pop your headphones in, and block out the outside world.

5. Wigwåm

Grab a flashlight, because this tipi-style fort is brilliant for hosting a little camp out in the living room. Stock up on the popcorn and pop a movie on while snuggled up under the Wigwåm with all the cushions you can find.

6. Cåstle

The cåstle’s a great fort for entertaining in, so if you’re looking to give the password to other people, there’s plenty of room for all. Just add cushions for extra comfort.

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