IKEA Car Park Becomes Unlikely Location For A Brilliant Socially-Distant Mass Worship

By Jack Saddler

One of the best things you’ll see over lockdown.

While most mosques around the world are currently shut off, that didn’t stop hundreds of Muslim worshippers partaking in this mass prayer in Frankfurt, Germany. (Featured image: IGMG Wetzlar FATİH CAMİİ, Facebook

They needed a spot, and boy did they get a good one. IKEA agreed to let the socially-distanced Eid prayers take place in one of their enormous parking lots. And it’s quite the sight to behold!

Footage was recorded using a drone on Sunday (May 24), during Eid. It shows a 700-strong prayer taking place in Wetzlar, just outside of Frankfurt. Islamic Community Milli Goruş (IGMG) organised the event, came up with the initiative and contacted IKEA for permission to use their space. The retail giant happily accepted their request and this amazing socially distant event became reality.

IGMG also posted this footage to its Facebook page. They then took to the site to write a post. It read: “We would like to express our gratitude to the police Wetzlar, Ordnungsamt Wetzlar, the Markhead of IKEA Wetzlar and the folders that made this extraordinary prayer possible. Thank you so much.”

“We congratulate all the Islamic world and the Muslims living in the world with our sincere wishes and wish our Lord to bring you many more holidays,” another post read. “We have done holiday prayer as a nation in the open air with 700 people. May my Lord always keep our unity and solidarity. Have a blessed holiday. May Allah be with you.”

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