You Can Now Buy Sleek Tiny Homes From IKEA—And They’re Eco-Friendly Too!

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You Can Now Buy Sleek Tiny Homes From IKEA—And They’re Eco-Friendly Too!

Forget gingerbread homes; you can now assemble a fully-fledged abode.

Most people are impressed by the fact that you can order an entire living room online and assemble anything from a sleeper-couch to a giant wall unit all by yourself—with the help of a Youtube tutorial or two. This year, however, the furniture behemoth has taken things a step further by joining the tiny home movement and producing stylish, 187-square-foot dwellings that cost $63,350.

Credit: Josiah and Steph Photography via Vox Creative

While missing a peg in a 9-cube Kallax could easily destroy even a healthy relationship, the Swedish brand is making up for it by helping you build a sustainable, off-the-grid home of your dreams. VOX Creative was called upon, along with RV and ESCAPE (tiny home builders), to design the company’s very custom-made Vista Boho XL model. These petit houses are part of IKEA’s Tiny Home Project comes with solar panels, a composting toilet, and an on-demand RV water heater powered by the trailer.

Credit: Josiah and Steph Photography via Vox Creative

Make no mistake; the small homes are all about living large. Each model is kitted out with sleek furnishings, plush touches and clever multipurpose features that downsizing incredibly tempting. What’s more, is that everything is made to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Sustainably grown pine cladding is used for the interiors. The black KUNGSBACKA kitchen cabinets are made from recycled bottles, and the SKOGSÅ countertops are made with the entire tree making use of everything, including twigs. It all comes together to create a neutral, Scandanavian aesthetic that blends in beautifully with nature.

Potential buyers could explore the home virtually through an online shopping experience that allows you to assemble the model by customizing fixtures and details virtually. However, the site is currently down.

Featured image: Josiah and Steph Photography 

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