This Invisible House In Joshua Tree Has A 100-Foot Pool In The Middle Of It

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This Invisible House In Joshua Tree Has A 100-Foot Pool In The Middle Of It

Rent this 22-story reflective monolithic skyscraper—planted on its side.

The Invisible House in Joshua Tree looks like a skyscraper that has been airlifted from Manhattan and planted on its side in the middle of stunning scenery. It has sustainability built into the entire design with a mirrored exterior that makes this jaw-dropping structure blend in seamlessly with the surroundings while providing complete privacy and refracting the harsh desert sun to keep the interior cool.

Credit: The Invisible House / Foxden Hospitality via Airbnb

Once you step the doors, you’ll probably notice the 100-foot pool that makes for a jaw-dropping centerpiece. Stretching through the length of the main living space, the body of water (heated by solar on the roof) also doubles up as heating for the home. Of course, having a pool indoors also ensures that water isn’t vanishing in the summer seasons making it a lot kinder on water resources.

Inside, you’re completely enveloped by floor-to-ceiling windows, blurring the border with nature outside. There is nothing obstructing your views as all amenities are cleverly used as islands in the middle of the space and kept below eye level. Every panel of glass frames a piece of the vast landscape around you, allowing you to watch the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over it. A wall of rocks along one side acts as protection from the elements while anchoring the structure in the wide-open space.

Credit: Credit: The Invisible House / Foxden Hospitality via Airbnb

There are 3 luxurious suites, each with custom-made bedframes like a $50,000 clear Italian solid glass base in the master bedroom or a solid minimalist marble plinth in a secondary room.

Credit: The Invisible House /  Foxden Hospitality via Airbnb

There are 90 acres of property to explore with a 4000ft mountain and walk-on access to the Desert View Conservation Area of Joshua Tree National Park, so you’ll have plenty of hiking opportunities. You’re also only a ten-minute from the restaurants and coffee shops, making it a rare location that offers it all.

The average cost per night is around €2,852, but with king-size beds and couches larger than most mattresses, you could easily divide this with 8 friends.  

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