Design Your Own Cliffside Dining Experience On An Island Off The Coast Of California

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The island getaway and outdoor dining situation we need right now.

Al fresco dining has taken on new meaning in our lives amidst the pandemic. Not only has it become the most abiding way of dining out during the reopening phases but it also provides the peace of mind we need to fully enjoy the meal. Not to mention the fresh air we’ve missed out on during quarantine. Of course, lush rooftops and outdoor patios provide that for us but why not combine it with an island trip to Santa Catalina, where you get to have a tailored meal that comes with incredible ocean views?

Credit: Cafe Metropole, Santa Catalina

This little organic cafe, Cafe Metropole, has a delicious menu of healthy food and drinks. They also allow you to design your own menu and experience by teaming up with fellow partners across the island. A medley of cheeses, fruits, and some bubbly with a gorgeous sunset at one of the island’s most treasured spots? Or brunch with your favorite people with waves crashing a few meters away from you on the beach?

Weather permitting, the options are really limited to your imagination.

Credit: Cafe Metropole, Santa Catalina

From vivid fruit platters, unique salads, to acai bowls and house cocktails. They’ll be able to whip up something you’ll love—and yes, they have gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and paleo options too.

Credit: Cafe Metropole, Santa Catalina

Located southwest of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina is known for its wildlife, dive sites and Mt. Orizaba (its highest peak). You could spend your day kayaking, snorkeling, or paddle-boarding on the beautifully clear water and settle in for a rewarding bite to eat. If you’re up for something a little more land-bound then you could wander through Wrigley Memorial Botanical Garden and take in the incredible view of Avalon Bay while marveling at rare Channel Island plant species. There are even Jeep Eco Tours where you’ll encounter an impressive population of bison.

Getting there

Take a 30-minute drive from Los Angeles to Long Beach or San Pedro. From there you will need to catch a high-speed ferry, which takes roughly an hour as it motors across the 22 miles of water to Avalon. After that, you could hike or rent a golf buggy to explore surrounding areas.

A trip will cost you $37.25 so it may be worth staying over for the night at any the sweet hotels or campsites.

Featured Image: Cafe Metropole via Instagram

Catering Manager: Melissa Poindexter

Catering: contactus@cafemetropole.com

Phone #: 310 510 9095

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