A Gallery Of L.A.’s Beautiful Jacarandas And Where To Find Them

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A Gallery Of L.A.’s Beautiful Jacarandas And Where To Find Them

It’s Jacaranda season!

It’s that time of year, where L.A. turns into a violet utopia with vivid clouds of blossoms lining the streets. The Jacarandas are the cherry blossoms of Los Angeles with a sight and smell that is completely entrancing and have become one of the city’s most recognizable trees.

For residents living on streets that boast these beauties, there is somewhat of a love-hate relationship. The striking color of their flowers can make an avenue seem surreal, as though you’ve stepped into another world. But then, there’s the mess. The stickiness of the aphids coating every car or the slippery mush of fallen petals that carpet the sidewalks. Basically, they are beautiful to look at as long as they’re not in your own yard.

The exotic Jacaranda mimosifolia, originated in South American in places like Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, and found their way to California by way of a legendary horticulturist named Kate Sessions. In 1892, she transformed 32 acres of barren, city-owned land in San Diego into a lush and colorful landscape. Once she proved the plants could thrive in their new environment they quickly took off in surrounding areas. Today,

According to a heat map created by LA Times journalist, Matt Stiles, the best place to catch the bloom is in Westwood between April and June. Although they can be seen almost anywhere right about now, including Venice, Korea Town, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

If you can’t get enough of the purple color pops and you’re up for a drive, you can explore this full map of every tree in L.A. that The Bureau of Street Services has collated.

West Hollywood

Long Beach


Silver Lake


Beverly Hills

Mid City

Madison Park

Featured Images: Korea Town by Kiersten Friesen

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