There’s A Wildly Exciting Big Cat Trivia Quiz Happening Online Every Week

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Joe Exotic Trivia Quiz

Prove you’re the new tiger lord with this entertaining dethroning trivia series that’s going down every week.

Murder, mayhem and madness rule in the curiously connecting, exotic cat trivia quizJoe Exotic’s Big Cat Trivia. You’ve been caged up inside, you’ve binged-watched the craziest big cat docuseries out there, and the only place to go now is on a wild ride into the pure human chaos with an exotic trivia extravaganza. Whether you’re rooting for the Mother Teresa of Cats or the Tim Mcgraw of Oklahoma, these interactive games will delve into this bizarre world and make for a brilliant online social experience. 

To cure your isolation boredom and claim the cat trivia throne you’ll enter an 80-minute session of trivia feuding, video compilations, creative challenges, Would You Rather polls, and a comeback video from cat rescue queen. The game will last 6 rounds of 7 questions each, hosted by the Los Angeles Museum of Love.  

Regrettable buzzcuts, captivity, misguided flower crowns, and domestic zoos have remarkable parallels to our life in lockdown. It seems that America’s ludicrous cult cat-keeping crew has served as an escape from the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in. But the fun doesn’t have to end after episode 7 (the 8th one doesn’t count). The cat-craze phenomenon can be an unexpected source of connections, if we look a little deeper. The only noble thing to do is channel our newfound knowledge into fun, entertaining social interactions

The trivia extravaganza is the brainchild of Amy Sweetman, the psychologist that brought you L.A.’s Museum of Love. If she’s not studying the adventures of attraction and connections, she’s dreaming up fun ways to engage with cooped counterparts and giving meaning to your PhD in Exotic science.

Find out if you’re the true King or Queen of quarantine and sign up here. Only the truly obsessed will take home the Big Cat Trivia crown.

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