Experience Johnny Wu’s Mind-Blowing Wizardry From Home

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Experience Johnny Wu’s Mind-Blowing Wizardry From Home

The man that broke into Jamie Foxx’s ironclad mind is now taking personal appointments online. 

There’s mysticism, mind-reading, hypnotism and probably a whole lot of skepticism that comes with the word “magic”. But, celebrity magician Johnny Wu stirs up all of these elements to bring you something truly astounding in his Virtual Magic & Hypnosis Show. By tapping into the psyche, he’s able to reveal the real magic—an engaging human experience. 

This is a unique opportunity to find out whether all the gasps, tears and shrieks of disbelief are real or scripted. In a 40-minute zoom call, Wu will dart through the depths of your senses and perform a dazzling ream of live tricks and hypnosis

In a time where we’re all locked up inside, craving interactions to lift us out of our usual routine of kitchen, couch, desk, couch, bed, Wu is able to permeate the black mirror and cloak you in an exciting world of illusion (if that’s all it really is). 

Wu’s style can only be described as the Inception of the entertainment world, exploring all the layers that create your perceptions and of those around you. His craft combines Chinese mysticism, sleight of hand, modern technology, mind reading, hypnotism with a twist of modern technology that will leave you questioning what’s real and what’s not.

You can book a session for his Virtual Magic & Hypnosis Show here, but you might want to gather some witnesses in case your eyes play tricks on you!