These Mega Korean Bread Loaves, Loaded With Garlic Cream Cheese Are The Stuff Of Dreams! 

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

korean cream cheese bread

Carb lovers, rejoice!

If you love garlic, cheese and sourdough bread then these cream cheese-stuffed loaves are your food fantasy come true! Each divine pull-apart bun comes in a beautiful oval shape oozing with a soft cheese filling, dipped in garlic sauce and topped with corn. It’s the irresistible, creamy creation that will immediately halt any carb-free diet considerations.

Cream cheese garlic bread is a viral Korean culinary trend that is being brought to life by baking studio Calic Bread in South L.A. This specialist shop has developed an over-the-top version of the original recipe, rumored to have originated in Gangneung City.

It all begins with a healthy-sized sourdough base that is sectioned into six wedges but keeping it all intact. Then, a lush garlic cream cheese is piped into the flowering carb base. After that, the entire thing is dousted in garlic sauce (with a secret ingredient: condensed milk) until it’s sufficiently soaked and still holds its form. The loaf is then placed in a tray and topped with corned, hard cheese, and herbs before it’s all baked. It results in a serving of heaven that’s crusty top, soft inside, that drips with melted cheese when you tear it apart.

They’re baked in small batches in Ktown and you’ll need to follow their Instagram account to find out when the next round of order openings are. These delicious beasts cost $14 and you can order fully baked bread to be delivered nationally through Gold Belly or pre-order for pickup at various times according to their latest social posts. You can also order a baking kit for pickup, which costs $18.

So if you’re looking for the most delicious way to up your garlic dose for the fall, this might be the most gratifying option available.

[Featured Image: Calic Bread via Instagram]

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