13 Beautiful Murals Inspired By The Coronavirus In L.A.

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LA murals

Vivid murals have been popping up across L.A. over the last month, and they paint the perfect picture of our lives during the quarantine.

While we’ve all been cooped up at home staring at the same four walls, graffiti artists have been out redecorating the city with colorful murals that reflect the times. Art is a powerful way of expressing the crazy situations we’re all experiencing right now and these COVID-inspired newcomers are a way of finding the beauty in all the chaos.

Some of the featured works are part of “Let’s Paint the Town,” by Art Share LA, where resident artists are commissioned to do a piece that allows them to beautify boarded-up shops. The initiative is a response to the impacts of the lockdown on artists and it’s aim is to raise funds through donations.

In addition to that, there have been a number of independent works that have shown up overnight. Here’s a little tour you can take right from your couch.

Featured image: @canvsart

1. Cancel Plans. Not Humanity, The Doheny Wall

murals la
Photo by: @tschelovek_graffiti

Corrie Mattie is the sister of a doctor, so the notion of staying home to protect others is somewhat personal. The bright yellow is an instant mood lifter and by showing us a familiar scene of life in quarantine, she’s able to create a sense of unity amongst us all.

Artist: Multicreative Corie Mattie

2. The Kiss, Corner LaBrea and Hollywood

This was an unofficial collab which is why it’s a perfect portrayal of what this pandemic has done from a community perspective: it has brought people together in unexpected and beautiful ways. The initial piece of Doisneau’s kissing couple didn’t have the masks, that was added later by a mystery artist.

Artist: WRDSMTH and unknown artist

3. Love is Standing Six Feet Apart, Rustic Canyon Restaurant

We all know that staying home has helped flatten the curve, but somehow the message is more compelling as a technicolor creation rather than the usual reams of devastating statistics. Whether or not the artwork is six feet wide is still uncertain, but either way, it manages to bring us a whole lot closer together.

Artist: Artist and muralist, Ruben Rojas

4. Wait for it…, Downtown Los Angeles

All good things are worth waiting for and WRDSMTH has reminded us that we now have a moment to reflect on it all the things that truly matter to us.

Artist: “A writer doing time in Hollywood,” WRDSMTH

5. Stay Safe, Venice Beach Boardwalk

LA murals
Photo by: @canvsart

The perfect depiction of love in a time of corona. It expresses the duality of love during the pandemic which is sometimes showing your love by not loving. There’s no doubt that it captures the yearning we all have for contact, but floral masks seem to symbolize a peaceful acceptance that it’s just not possible right now.

Artist: Artist/tattoo artist Pony Wave

6. Stay Safe, East LA

Whether it was intentional or not, this definitely touches on the dehumanizing aspects of protective gear and how that ‘s changed that way we interact. Masks, eyewear, and other coverings have stripped away our means of physical communication. This has created a social barrier that we seem to be getting used to.

Artist: Street artist and illustrator, Rasmus Balstrøm

7. Stay Home, West Elm

This is probably how kids will remember 2020 or at least how we imagine they will. Or perhaps we’re just projecting and that’s really how we feel about this whole situation—like it’s an endless shower of calamity.

Artist: LA Artist, YouTuber, and dreamer Sara Sandoval

8. Real Heroes Wear Masks, West Elm

@kar_part via Instagram

This piece is a shout out to all the unsung heroes that keep the city going during the early hours of the morning. It’s also a reminder that you’re saving lives by staying home and wearing a mask.

Artist: street artists, kar_part

9. COVID-19 Busters, TBC

These two soldiers fighting off the virus illustrate how what it feels like out there, like we’re fighting a war against this virus. While we might not feel it safely tucked away, it’s undoubtedly happening on the front lines.

Artist: Hijack Art

10. Keep Calm And Wash Your Hands, Franklin Village

Megan and Harry are residents now and they’ve ditched the crown and they’re getting stuck into helping communities through the crisis.

Artist: Graffiti and stencil artist, teachr1

11. Free Hugs, Arts District Los Angeles

COVID has canceled hugs and it’s the one thing everyone desperately needs right now. The juxtaposition of the sweet bear saddled with the harsh red stamp saying “canceled,” illustrates how the vulnerable fall victim to the ruthless virus.

Artist: Stencil artist Jeremy Novy

12. Untitled, Hollywood

The new currency, at least, it was when this all started. There’s nothing more to say other than we will always remember the time that toilet paper was worth more than any amount of dollars.

Artist: Graffiti and stencil artist, teachr1

13. Spray the Love, West Elm

Spray the love! But obviously not the kind of spraying that comes out of your face in any way. Art is the perfect way to spread some love and add a little poetry to our life during social distancing.

Artist: Urban pop artist, B-Luv

If you spot any that we’ve missed let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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