L.A.’s Virtual Craft Beer Festival Will Elevate Your Happy Hour

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

L.A.’s Virtual Craft Beer Festival Will Elevate Your Happy Hour

Rock Star Beer Festivals is brewing up a storm, and the craft experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.  

Lockdown has left a big, bar-shaped hole in all of our lives and the Los Angeles Beer Festival—Virtual Edition is filling it up with a delicious curation of craft beer, guided tastings with different breweries, guests, interactive games, comedy sketches, and band performances with special guest co-host, comedian Tom Green. It’s a 2-hour streaming session that will make you forget all about your sacred happy hour.  

A day before the live streaming, a case of 10 cans of special release beers will be available to pick up at Honest Abe in Carson. It’s the perfect excuse to escape your isolation situation and build up anticipation. Your case will have a mix of local and regional breweries, which will remain a mystery until the day of delivery. 

Each beer tasting will be hosted by their respective brewmasters, as they guide you to explore the brassy depths of the bottle. The magic sauce will inevitably send you on a sensory adventure, but it will also turn you into a social butterfly ready to share a virtual “cheers” with your new online beer peers

While drinking beers with your buddies is unrivaled, a virtual beer festival with fellow aficionados is a close second. There’s also the thrill of knowing your bed is only a few stumbles away and there’ll be no bathroom queues to spoil the fun. 

The high-energy event producers, Rock Star Beer Festivals, are known for delivering wild experiences packed with top-notch beers and paired with memorable performances. If that’s anything to go by, this lockdown experience is one you don’t want to miss.     

Breweries providing cans of craft gold:

  • Santa Monica Breworks
  • Absolution
  • Smog City
  • Three Weavers
  • Made West
  • And more!
Sign yourself up here for the ultimate brew of beer, bands, games, and guests at the Los Angeles Craft Beer Festival!
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