Glide Over Stunning Crystal Waters In A Transparent Kayak At Lake Tahoe

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Glide Over Stunning Crystal Waters In A Transparent Kayak At Lake Tahoe

Explore Secret Cove and other treasures troves on this dreamy adventure.

Yes, moving into Yellow Tier status with an increasing amount of second doses being administered means we’re officially hitting the road again. Naturally, Lake Tahoe’s incredible white sand beaches, bordered by the snowcapped Sierra Nevada Mountains, spring to mind. Not only does it offer stunning scenery geographically and architecturally, but it is filled with a ton of thrilling outdoor activities—like paddling the vast waters on a transparent kayak.

A recreational company Wild Society, offers unique experiences that allow you to go gliding along the sparkling aqua waters, amongst the smooth boulders while taking in the marine life below you. See incredible sights, including the majestic rock formations, parts of a shipwreck, a sunken pier and even the glistening pyrite (a brass-yellow mineral with a bright metallic sheen) beyond the surface of the largest freshwater lake in these parts in a clear kayak.

These transparent vessels give you the freedom to explore the hidden beaches and private while stopping to take a dip and tan on the rocks along the way. Each kayak is equipped with wireless waterproof speakers so you can play your desired music on your trip, waterproof phone cases that keep your phones dry and even allow you to take underwater photos, high-quality “dry bags”, binoculars, goggles and snorkels, a small cooler, cup holders and, f course, a selfie stick for those coveted Instagram-friendly shots. There’ll also be safety equipment in the event of emergencies.

This incredible activity isn’t just reserved for days in the sunshine though. After dark, you can also take enchanting night trips, with illuminated kayaks too. A special lighting system that makes each kayak glow in a range of colors and the spotlight-like light allows you to up 20 feet deep. There’s nothing quite like it—and definitely beats a night ride on a Swan Boat in Echo Park.

You can rent these transparent kayaks or stand-up paddleboards for one to 4 hours. Although, you’ll need at least two hours to see more than the immediate surroundings and four hours is ideal for making it to the secret coves. Prices start at $60-$65 for an hour.


Location: Wild Society, North Lake Boulevard, Kings Beach, CA

Featured Image: Tim Peterson via Unsplash

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