[PHOTOS] The Lakers Won The 2020 NBA Championship On Sunday, And This Is How The City Responded

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[PHOTOS] The Lakers Won The 2020 NBA Championship On Sunday, And This Is How The City Responded

After 10 long years, the Lakers are once again the NBA champions—and the city made some noise!

It’s been a tumultuous year for the Los Angeles Lakers, yet the team has prevailed in spite of the obstacles. Beginning with the heartbreak of losing the legendary Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi earlier this year, the team managed to play through a pandemic and even do their part in putting a spotlight on important social and political issues. When the team took home the trophy on Sunday, beating the Miami Heat 106-93, there was an overwhelming response across the city.

In case you missed it, here’s what went down.

Local Artist Paints A Kobe Bryant Mural Over An Entire House

An otherwise ordinary house on East 30th Street in South L.A. was transformed into a beautiful yellow and purple monument, honoring the late Kobe Bryant. Local artist Hector “Tetris” Arias and others turned every inch of the home into a mural, including the roof.

Landmarks Across The City Lit Up In Gold And Purple

City Hall and the fountain at Grand Park were a glowing purple. The mayor also posted a picture of City Hall with a caption that read “Thank you @Lakers for bringing us together. We’re lighting the night in purple and gold to celebrate. #ForKobe.”

The Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier lit up with a tribute to Kobe Byrant with the numbers “24” and “8” followed by a gold heart.

The U.S. Bank Tower was also illuminated for the occasion.

And InterContinental in Downtown Los Angeles showed their support too.

Fans Paid Tribute To Kobe Bryant Across The City

Tributes to Kobe Bryant flooded social media and murals across the city has fans lighting candles and leaving flowers and jerseys at the foot of them.

Thousands Of Supporters Descended On Staples Center…And It Got Raucous.

Thousands of fans took to the street in their Bryant Lakers jerseys, many stopping to read the screen honoring the late player and his daughter.

Fireworks splashed into the night sky, cars were doing donuts in the street and the streets were and crammed with people. Despite the L.A. mayor’s and NBA’s efforts to discourage irresponsible celebrations, the excitement seemed to overwhelm anyone too much to heed the warnings. Unfortunately, at some point the evening took a turn and stores were vandalized and the night ended with 10 injuries and 75 arrests, according to CBS Los Angeles.

[Featured Image: Grand Park Los Angeles]

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