This Epic Virtual Beer Festival Is Serving Up Premium Craft Beers With A Retro Video Game Twist

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This Epic Virtual Beer Festival Is Serving Up Premium Craft Beers With A Retro Video Game Twist

Calling all beer geeks! It’s time to level up your happy hour with the epic Fresh Year Fresh Beer Fest!

With after-work rounds at our usual watering holes on pause, it’s time to hit the reset button and a new high score at this fresh virtual beer festival! The Last Drop has brewed up a mega craft beer experience with a retro video game twist and you’re invited to play on January 16. 

Players will be treated to nine 16oz beers from local breweries, a trivia battle, gaming machines, awesome swag, beer glasses, prizes and musical performances from special guests.     

Video games and stellar sips from Southern California’s legendary beer craftsmen make a winning pair, so the team has curated nine premium 1-UP elixirs from their favorite breweries, which is enough for a Player 1 and Player 2. But no one is keeping score, so you’re free to make this a solo mission. 

Once you’ve powered up on beers, you’ll get to earn yourself some bonus points and challenge the trivia wizard. Then, enter a next-level performance from Luke James Shaffer and Eclectik. 

You’ll also get to chat to tap into the minds of the brewmasters using virtual sorcery as you sip on everything magical concoctions like Batch Mead’s “Boysenberry Session Mead,” Burgeon Beer Co’s “Carlsbad Crush,” and Brouwerij West’s “DAEWON VS. BEER.” 

Guests have three ticket options, a Ship-To, In-Person Pickup, or a VIP Drive-Through Pickup. Ship-To participants won’t receive a glass and In-Person Pickup participants will get a Last Drop Beer Fest “Fresh Year Fresh Beer” Themed Glass. If you really want to level up, you’ll want to go with the VIP option, which comes with two glasses, a bonus swag pack and a pre-game bonus beer from Game Craft Brewing. 

Book your tickets and take your tastebuds on a retro voyage!

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