Experience A ‘League Of Legends’ Universe IRL With This Jaw-Dropping ‘Arcane’ Adventure

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Experience A ‘League Of Legends’ Universe IRL With This Jaw-Dropping ‘Arcane’ Adventure

Step into the neon-drenched labyrinth of Arcane’s Undercity and run the gauntlet—in real life. 

League of Legends video game was turned into the new binge-worthy animated Netflix series ‘Arcane.’ Now, the pioneering storytellers Secret Cinema are cranking things up a notch with a mind-bending, immersive experience in L.A. And it’s limited to four weeks only.

Don’t miss your chance to explore a utopian realm along with an ominous underbelly. Get your tickets here.

The multiplayer strategy game was given the signature Netflix touch: a captivating narrative and artistic visuals slickly woven together. It seems the only natural progression was to bring the breathtaking animation to life. By fusing film, music, art, theatre, and dance ‘Arcane’ will blur the lines between a smash-hit game, film, and reality.


In this two-hour, action-packed journey, you’ll explore epically-scaled, exquisitely detailed sets, go on covert missions, unlock secret hideaways, encounter characters and experience the living, breathing Undercity for yourself.

Guests will follow two of the iconic League champions into the idyllic kingdom of Piltover as they unravel in an inevitable battle for power. Beneath the Piltover’s bright paradise of galvanized skyscrapers is the shadowy Undercity. Your job? Make sure control doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Traverse the neon-lit life-size streets, mingle with citizens of the Undercity at the best haunts, or join the rebels and get pulled into plots to overthrow sinister crimelords. You’ll encounter plenty of fascinating characters, but only you decide who to trust. Once you’re part of the tale, it’s up to you to choose where the journey goes.

In this realm, there are no rules.

Book your tickets and enter a world where iconic gaming and real-world entertainment collide!


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