Relive L.A.’s Legendary 1973 Funk Music Scene With This Narrative Outdoor Concert

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Relive L.A.’s Legendary 1973 Funk Music Scene With This Narrative Outdoor Concert

Slip into those vintage flares and get ready to groove, shake and move at Live in the Lot Summer ’73!

Travel back to 1973, when Sunset Boulevard was the heart of the soul of the funk music world. Just after Motown and Soul Train acquired new addresses on the Strip, prompting a migration of music legends to West Coast shores. A body-shaking wave of funk music swept the streets, awaking a collective spirit of grooving and moving that united the community.

Now, L.A.’s nine-piece Brassroots District band is conjuring up the rich and vibrant legacy of this music scene with a far out open-air concert that will transport you to the legendary year. Lot F of The Fabulous Orbit Arena will be turned into your dancefloor where talented musicians will get you into the groove and characters in vintage threads will pull you into the narrative as a colorful 70s world unfolds around you.  

You’ll be fully immersed in the political and social history that surrounded this Black musical renaissance. You know, the post-war L.A. when Nixon was in office and Crenshaw became a fertile breeding ground for new talent with a unique L.A. sound.

The journey to a simpler time begins as you stand in line at the entrance of the nondescript parking lot in the Arts District. There’ll be hundreds of other people in bell-bottoms, platform shoes, gold chains and fringe. Many of  them are big fans of the emerging Brassroots District band — also known as “Brassies.” It won’t be long before you’re wearing your fan club pin and weaving through the crowd to get a good glimpse of the performers.

But if you don’t want to miss a beat, keep a lookout for Easter eggs hidden throughout the experience, like the hotline (which, you should just stop reading this right now and call: 323-596-1973). Channel your inner groupie and trawl the band’s social accounts for links to secret tracks. 

Since this is the 70s and mobile phones don’t exist yet, you’ll need to keep it real and put them into a blackout bag for the occasion. There’ll be a professional photographer immortalizing these moments in the sunshine with polaroids—there’ll even be vintage cars for props.

General tickets will you get you 2 drinks and a fan club pin. Or get the “The Backstage Experience” with admission for two people, an official fan club pin, and 4 drinks tickets, and an album download with a hidden message. Plus, you’ll get backstage VIP hang time and beers with the band.  

Stick around on Saturdays, because DJs will be spinning throwback beats. Make sure you get on your baddest outfits: with future icons and record execs wandering around, you’ll want to look your best.

Grab your gang and boogie your way to ’73!

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