Thousands Of Protestors Gathered In CA Over The Weekend To Protest The Lockdown

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A rundown of the weekend protests.

On Friday, at least a thousand people gathered at Huntington Beach to protest the state-wide Stay-At-Home order. Multiple reports showed protestors blatantly ignoring social distancing measures and face-covering advice as they held about signs and American flags.

The general message seemed largely focused on their freedom and businesses, with signs saying “Stop the unconstitutional lockdown,” and others referencing Nazi Germany.

This all coincided with a rise in cases in Orange over the past week.

Despite the commotion on Friday, the beaches were largely empty on Saturday with most residents

Ventura County praised residents for not crowding at beaches and for complying wit social distancing measures in place.

As did the LAPD.

There were also a number of smaller protests seen around California, such as L.A. City Hall and Sacramento. However, an Ipsos survey by the California Health Care Foundation shows that 75% of residents are in favor of the order and are willing to comply as long as necessary. Low-income residents showed even stronger support of it with 78% in support of the stay-at-home order.

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