The Sensational ‘Love Actually Live’ Spectacle Is Now Open In L.A.

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

The Sensational ‘Love Actually Live’ Spectacle Is Now Open In L.A.

The brilliant ‘Love Actually Live’ is back, due to popular demand and it’s expected to be another sold-out year. Get your tickets here!

While it might not be cold outside, it’s almost (almost) that time of year again where we partake in our favorite festive traditions; we dust off the garish knitted sweaters, eat enough food to hibernate for a month and rewatch Richard Curtis’ classic Christmas film, Love Actually.

Except, this year, we get to switch our couches for a giant, 3-dimensional cinematic world with live actors belting out songs from the iconic soundtrack. The award-winning For The Record series in partnership with the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts will be bringing the glorious Love Actually Live back to audiences for a limited run this winter.

The internationally acclaimed 2-hour musical mashup brought some 10,000 people to tears and sent them into fits of laughter after a sold-out season in 2019. And L.A. will be the only place in the world hosting this year’s much-needed encore, so tickets are expected to go fast. Sign up for the waitlist and be the first in line when tickets are released.

Curtis’ film is a bit like a Christmas stocking stuffed with a laundry list of romantic Yuletide tropes, but almost two decades after its release, our love for it only seems to grow. Love Actually Live brings the charming characters to life, oscillating between hope and hopelessness as they field romantic curveballs. It’s a medley of live music, theatrical performances and feel-good cinema, all wrapped up with one neat, red bow.

The beloved film is brought to life with editorialized projections of the movie playing on large screens above an impressive, multi-level stage with top performers mirroring the scenes in silence before breaking into song. This is all accompanied by an incredible 15-piece orchestra. You’ll get to sing along to Billy Mack’s cynical Christmas hit as well as “Trouble With Love” and “Both Sides Now” from the hit soundtrack.

The dynamic stage and lighting design are woven into the seating area ensuring you feel like Christmas is all around you. There’s no better way to share in the magic of the holidays than with this festive, musical feast!

L.A.’s 2021 season will run from November 27 to December 31 and tickets will be released on Wednesday, September 1st at 9 am PST.

Book your tickets and gather under the mistletoe for a riot of hilarious and heartbreaking romantic moments.

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