Immerse Yourself In The Vivid Visualizations Of Mikael B. At Maddox Gallery

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Immerse Yourself In The Vivid Visualizations Of Mikael B. At Maddox Gallery

Dive into the electric colors and whimsical abstractions at ‘Flow State: A Solo Exhibition’ by Mikael B.

Contrast the bleakness of 2020 with the vivid large-scale creations of Danish L.A.-based artist Mikael B. Step out of your mind and get lost in a universe of color explosions contained within a mix of organic lines and 3D geometric shapes with ‘Flow State.’ The solo exhibition will be showing at the Maddox Gallery through May 31. While the show is completely free, limited viewings are available and you’ll need to make a reservation here.

This genre-breaking exhibition has been 3 years in the making and delves into the process and experience of art through a stunning collection of vibrant canvases, a bronze sculpture that weighs over 300lbs and a never-before-seen experiential art piece. 

Credit: Mikael B.

After a year of “online viewing rooms” (a.k.a digital slideshows), we’re ready to immerse ourselves in a tangible art world again. But Mikael B’s work transcends the white walls of a gallery. His new-found style is a mesmerizing blend of geometric abstraction, graffiti and abstract expressionism that forges a surreal new reality. 

Credit: Mikael B.

You’ll get to experience the artist’s journey through experimental styles and techniques as he awakens a fresh new signature mark. These futuristic renderings take inspiration from Dali, Pollock, Peter Saul and Albert Oehlen, inviting you to lose all sense of time as your eyes wander the layers of sprays and acrylic strokes. 

The Maddox Gallery boasts 3,000 sq ft of space, known for showcasing trailblazers in the contemporary art scene. After a dormant year,  the West Hollywood gallery is about to be reawakened with hot pink swirls and 3D effects. 

Flow State will be available to view from the 1st to 31st May 2021 online at

www.maddoxgallery.com and in-person at Maddox Gallery, 8811 Beverly Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048

Reserve your entry to this exclusive solo exhibition and experience a colorful ‘Flow State’

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