This New 2D-Styled Cafe In DTLA Is Like Stepping Into A Comic Book

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

This New 2D-Styled Cafe In DTLA Is Like Stepping Into A Comic Book

Step into the pages of a graphic novel and sip on brews at the “world’s first cold brew bar.”

Occasionally, we like to read a good graphic novel as we sip on a fresh brew from our favorite cafe. But what if you could step inside of it? Matte Black, the latest coffee shop to grace Downtown L.A., has created a space where you can do just that. Art, coffee and craft are stirred up into one surreal cafe experience that brings 2D, black-and-white visuals to life.

While your Instagram may have already been flooded with images of this comic-style the grand opening is happening on Saturday, August 28 at 9:00 am.

Every inch of the space, from the walls and furniture to the packaging (yes, the macarons too), appears as though it has been drawn with a giant black marker on a flat white card. In this case, the giant hand wielding the marker is Southern California-based pop art illustrator Joshua Vides.

From the outside, the shop is painted black with a large white speech bubble with the name “Matte Black!” painted in it. Inside, you’ll find a long, narrow 1,000-square-foot space that takes on the full comic-like aesthetic. Down the right-hand side, there are seating booths divided with repeating white panels with a thick black outline that creates the illusion of being in a comic book frame. Each bench has its own table and a illustrated window with blinds and little details like a crack in the glass.

On the other side, there are tall bar stools along a counter, also divided into booth-like sections with glass windows where you can see all the brewing action happening. Matte Black is a collaboration between food and beverage entrepreneur Andy Nguyen, entertainment and construction expert James Malone and, of course, Vides.

The coffee beans come from the Mostra Coffee, a “women, minority, veteran, and immigrant-owned micro coffee roaster based in north county San Diego. While the jury is still out on the coffee, you can rest assured everything is sustainably and fairly sourced, often directly from vetted farmers and mills at rates that ensure a stable livelihood.

For an immersive morning brew that feels as though you’ve stepped into the pages of Archie, you don’t want to miss this.

Location: 1001 S Broadway in Los Angeles


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