Mexico City’s Tacos Don Manolito Opens First U.S. Location On Sunset Boulevard

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Tacos Don Manolito

L.A. is about to get even better for Taco lovers.

America is finally getting a taste of the Mexico City-style taqueria Tacos Don Manolito. With 25 outposts across the globe, they’re finally expanding their footprint with their first location in America. The restaurant opened on West Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood last week offering fresh, authentic Mexican tacos centered around high-quality ingredients and unconventional taco styles.

This Is Tacos Don Manolito First U.S. Location 

Tacos Don Manolito, which has been serving up Mexican staples in Mexico City for 16 years, began as a little kiosk just a block from the inescapable Mexico’s Angel de la Independencia in 1991. Since opening the first location in the Mexico City neighborhood of Olivar de Los Padres in 2005, Tacos Don Manolito is now serving up its distinctive taco flavors to locals and tourists in Spain, the rest of Mexico, and, now, Los Angeles.

Opening up in L.A. was no mistake with tacos claiming the throne as the top food in the city time and time again. Whether it sitting on beer crates at a food truck or cleaning up to dine at the sleek Madre! while sipping on rare mezcals, Angelenos have qualms about where they get their tacos as long as they are good.

Tacos Campechanos Take Center Stage

Anyone who lives in L.A. considers themselves fluent in tacos. From the spicy, stewed meats of birria to the sweet, tangy kicks of al pastor, tacos consist of an ever-expanding offering infused with rich flavors reflecting various regions. However, Tacos Don Manolito’s kitchen will be lit up with orange flames spewing from the griddles to bring you a range of authentic tacos, but campechanos will be the focus. This famous CDMX style is made with a delicious medley of meats, giving a complex flavor. Expect thin slices of high-quality steak, artisanal sausages and other cured meats with a signature smokey salsa. There’s a vegan option too, so no one has to sit this one out.

Chicharron is the star ingredient on the menu along with Oaxaca cheese which has a unique flavor and melting texture. To explore it all, you’ll have to pay a visit and see for yourself.

Location: 5553 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028




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