This Enchanting Spectacle Full Of Mysterious Illusions Is Now Open In LA

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This Enchanting Spectacle Full Of Mysterious Illusions Is Now Open In LA

The highly anticipated Modern Parlor Magic Show officially opened its doors, bringing the mesmerizing art of mystery to LA. Established magician David Carlo will spin your world around through wondrous illusions, mentalism and theater performances—all accompanied by live music from Michael Gadsby. Held in the intimate setting of the Santa Monica Playhouse, the awe-inspiring experience will transport you into the 20th century, where magicians like Harry Houdini and Chung Ling Soo stunned the public with their extraordinary performances.

This enchanting mystery-filled experience is now open in LA! 

A Victorian-era themed decor, reminiscent of the residences where private spectacles were held, will plunge you into the depths of last century’s class. The legendary period greatly influenced Carlo in mastering the ability to bend nature’s laws, particularly in performing the legendary deadly bullet catch. During the mind-boggling spectacle, Carlo will feature a climactic variation on the famous trick, so grab the edges of your seat and hold on tight for an eventful night.

Illusions, charms, mystery-filled tricks… The secrets of the mind await just around the corner of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade.

Modern Parlor Magic Show: An Immersive Night of Magic

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