Kevin Smith Has Opened A Mooby’s Pop-Up In L.A. To Benefit Charity

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Kevin Smith Has Opened A Mooby’s Pop-Up In L.A. To Benefit Charity

Get a taste of the fictional fast-food chain from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back IRL!

The cheerful purple and yellow fast-food chain with a cow mascot that played a significant role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, and Clerks II has relaunched in WeHo. And it all benefits No Us Without You, a fundraiser that helps feed families of undocumented restaurant workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

After crashing Postmates (twice) with the insanely popular Brodie Bruce chocolate-covered pretzels and Cock Smoker chicken sandwich in its first run, Kevin Smith has relaunched the Mooby’s pop-up for an exciting pick-up experience

Credit: Mooby’s Pop Up Restaurant

The restaurant is currently taking timed reservations for pickups, where you can order in advance, collect your meal and explore the set-like space filled with photo opportunities from all your favorite films, and purchase some exclusive merch.

While no one would ever choose to launch a restaurant pop-up during a pandemic, the delivery-only model proved wildly successful. Now that restrictions are rolling back (and forth), we’re finally able to step inside— while following all the social distancing measures, of course, like maintaining a cow-sized distance from strangers.

Credit: Mooby’s Pop Up Restaurant

The menu is filled with references to Smith’s films which makes it extra fun. You’ll spend a few minutes waiting for the freshly fried offerings to cool off while trying to recount which film each item is from and inevitably attempt to reenact the scene. “Mooby’s Messy Lasagna Sandwich” and “Hater Totz” were the stars of the delivery-only show, but the pickup menu has some exciting new additions, like the “Cow Tipper.” All items also come with vegan options made with Beyond Meat, if that’s your style.

A $30 ticket will get you a “Main Moo” (main entrée), a side item (Hater Totz or onion rings) and a complimentary cookie. There are desserts and boozy options you can purchase separately which includes brownies and spiked Capri Sun pouches. Everything is, of course, prepared by Royce Burke and his Secret Lasagna team. Oh, and every meal comes with a “toy surprise”, which is an autographed Reboot card from Kevin Smith. Don’t misplace it though, it also doubles up as a front-row ticket to the pop-up when it’s open for dine-in. 

This munch fest pop-up is a collab between Kevin Smith and the same team that brought you the pop-culture throwback restaurant Saved by the Bell-inspired Saved by the Max and more. 

Grab your Doobie Snax, purchase a ticket and step into the Mooby’s world!  


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