Ina Garten Making A Massive Morning Cocktail Is The Ultimate Quarantine Mood

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Ina Garten Making A Massive Morning Cocktail Is The Ultimate Quarantine Mood

“During a crisis, cocktail hour could be almost any hour.” — Ina Garten

In times like these, we need all the happy hours we can get. And given that we have nowhere to be, why not make them around the clock?

Barefoot Contessa’s Ina Garten knows. Recently, the cooking show host prepared a massive morning Cosmopolitan that is the energy you need to get through social distancing…because who says you can’t start living your best life at 9 a.m.? If you’re not socializing, then social “rules” shouldn’t apply. And Ina Garten’s here to show (and tell) us all that anything goes in quarantine, and you can still look classy af doing it.

The iconic cooking host took to Instagram Live to share her favorite tradition with viewers: cocktail hour. Stating, “During these stressful times it’s really important to keep traditions alive. My favorite tradition is the cocktail hour.”

Sing it, sister!

In the video, the legendary cooking host continues to make her favorite Cosmopolitan beginning by casually pouring two cups of Vodka into a pitcher the size of an actual baby because, as Garten puts it, “you never know who’s going to stop by—oh, wait—no one is stopping by.”

She follows with a cup of orange liqueur, a cup of cranberry juice cocktail, and a half cup of freshly-squeezed lime juice. She pours the sweet concoction into a sizable shaker.

“You have to shake it for 30 seconds. You have lots of time, it’s not a problem,” she aptly points out.

Finally, she pours the chilled Cosmo into a comically oversized martini glass and leaves the viewers with a parting message:

“Stay safe. Have a good time. And don’t forget the cocktails.”

Ina Garten, everyone. A woman of our quarantine heart. Drink responsibly and stay healthy!

Featured image: @inagarten

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