This Immersive Exhibition Reveals The Secrets Of The Universe Through Jaw-Dropping Artworks

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

This Immersive Exhibition Reveals The Secrets Of The Universe Through Jaw-Dropping Artworks

L.A.’s ‘Mystic Universe’ experience is a portal between worlds that transcends art, technology and the imagination.

Wisdome in Downtown L.A. will be transformed into a 24,000-square-foot, multi-dimensional wonderland from September 17, and it’s going to blow your mind. The cutting-edge exhibition ‘Mystic Universe’ delves into ancient cultures, philosophies, and architecture through a unique combination of mind-bending art, live performances, 360-degree technology, sculpture mapping, sound, and VR.

Credit: Mystic Universe

Oscar-winning artists, technology experts & philosophers have collaborated to bring you a boundary-pushing experience that will deepen your understanding of the world around you and within you. In this 90-minute metaphysical odyssey, guests will discover sacred knowledge of ancient civilizations, explore reconstructed UNESCO monuments and find their equilibrium through meditation and breathwork.

Ideas and knowledge spanning thousands of years will be encapsulated by modern visionaries in different art styles—visionary, fractal, comic, meditative, installation and projection. Using advanced projection technology, mesmerizing works of art will encompass 360-degree geodesic domes, panoramic screens, and sculptures to tell a story.

Credit: Mystic Universe

Internationally acclaimed artists Luminokaya, Julius Horsthuis, and Igor Barankobe will bring eight fundamental principles to life through immersive shows with mind-blowing visuals. You can marvel at the ornate details of the 12th century Hindu temple Angkor Wat, one of the largest of its kind and a World Heritage Site. Or envelop yourself in the scriptures of the 14 realms of heaven and hell at Yogi’s Journey, displayed on a gigantic dome.

There’ll be four more fascinating shows Beyond Nirvana, Fractal Time, Luminokaya and Samskara, plus a 25-minute meditation workshop to purify and balance chakras, included in each ticket. Along with that, there’ll be nourishing food, dancers, and more interactive elements to discover on your journey.

Book your tickets and embark on a mystical journey of consciousness!

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