This Harry Potter-Themed Murder Mystery Returns To The Napa Valley Wine Train This October

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This Harry Potter-Themed Murder Mystery Returns To The Napa Valley Wine Train This October

Get your robes and wands out, and take a spellbinding trip on a vintage wine train.

An antique 1952 Pullman Vista Dome. Fine dining. Delectable wines. Lush landscapes. This iconic train never fails to impress. But, the Napa Valley Wine Train doesn’t just stop there; elevating the journeys with Murder Mysteries, Castle Wine Tours and Romance on the Rails. And now, for the ultimate pairing: your favorite Cabernet and a Harry Potter-inspired murder mystery ride.

Attention, wizards and wine lovers aboard the train: Please be aware, there’s a killer amongst you! Stay vigilant, trust no one and enjoy everything.

Can you uncover the secrets and decode the clues embedded in the string of carriages? Can you trust fellow sorcerers pouring your next glass of Pinot? Or will you “charm” them to conceal your secret identity before the extravagant voyage comes to an end?

Expect a 2-hour sojourn filled with twists and turns as the vintage wine train winds through the Napa Valley on a 36-mile railroad route built in 1864. Three-course gourmet meals will be served with an extra helping of intrigue. Dishes will be along the lines of pan-seared Pacific halibuts, roast beef tenderloin and, of course, wine will be flowing throughout.

While red velvet armchairs and Mahogany interiors set the stage for the night, the experience will be more real than theatre, according to The Murder Mystery Company organizers. Actors are promised to be indistinguishable from your fellow passengers, adding to the thrill of the evening.

The interactive events will happen a few times a month, but Potter fans will have to wait until the month of Halloween for the magic to start. However, if you’re feeling more muggle than mythical then there are plenty of Murder Mystery themes to choose from instead. Or, if you prefer a day trip with stopovers at various vineyards and wine cellars to explore along the way, you can check out the rest of their experiences here.

At the moment there are only 5 wizard-themed events with other themes available.¬† Prices start at around $405 per person with dinner included, but tickets for the “Wizard and Witches” are likely to sell fast and way in advance.

Dates Available For Wizarding World Themed Events:

  • Saturday, October 2nd
  • Saturday, October 9th
  • Saturday, October 16th
  • Saturday, October 23rd

For more information visit The Napa Valley Wine Train website here..

[Feature Image: The Napa Valley Wine Train]

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