Newport Beach Could Close Over Weekends After Heat Wave Crowds

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The heat wave attracted thousands to Newport beach over the weekend. Now, officials are considering closing them.

Ventura and Orange county beaches were open over the weekend, and the coronavirus didn’t deter anyone from the opportunity to soak up some SoCal sun. As the temperatures reached the mid-90s on Saturday, huge crowds descended upon Huntington and Newport Beach.

All parking lots, restaurants, bathrooms, and piers remained closed and visitors were expected to comply with social distancing guidelines. Additionally, sitting on the sand was not permitted. However, those measures not strongly enforced, according to the Times.

As a result, The Newport Beach City Council is considering closing the beaches for the next three weekends in May and increasing measures to block roads leading to popular beaches. The council will meet on Tuesday to discuss the matter further.

ABC helicopter reporters posted aerial shots of Newport and Huntington filled with people on Saturday.

While Hunting Beach police reported that the majority of beachgoers complied with social distancing rules, viral photos have sparked an ongoing debate about the safety implications of open beaches.

Meanwhile, beaches in L.A. remained closed and largely abandoned, as shown by LAPD Chief Moore posted a view of L.A. beaches on Saturday.

On Sunday, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted “We won’t let one weekend undo a month of progress.”  “While the sunshine is tempting, we’re staying home to save lives, ” he added.

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