Celebrate The Superheroes Behind Cancer Research At Concern Foundation’s 44th Annual Block Party

Over the years, Concern Foundation has awarded over $60 million dollars in salary to support over 750 cancer researchers!
Concern Foundation was founded 50 years ago when understanding of the immune system was extremely limited and causes of cancer were unknown.

Fast forward to 2018 – the world’s brightest scientific minds have joined forces in building a solid foundation and extensive laboratory research to achieve meaningful clinical innovations!

So much progress has been made yet Concern Foundation remains dedicated to furthering prospective discoveries to beat cancer. By inspiring young pioneers and providing salary support to researchers to better understand cancer and ways our immune system can beat the insidious disease, major breakthroughs are inevitable!

This year the annual block party will be celebrating 50 Years of Super Heros: Researchers, Donors, and Volunteers; the true superheroes in the quest to conquer cancer. On Saturday, July 14th, Concern Foundation for cancer research will host its 44th Annual Block Party on the back lot of Paramount Pictures Studios in Hollywood. Join over 4,000 supporters in filling the iconic “streets of New York” featuring multiple stages of entertainment, casino-style games, auctions, as well as food, dessert, and beverages from over 70 of Los Angeles’ best restaurants!

Find out how you can help the block party reach a goal of $2 million to beat last year’s total ($1.7 million) by clicking here! 👈

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