Disney Plans To Host Its First Official LGBTQ Pride Event This Summer

Celebrate all things Disney “with the sparkle of Pride!”

The LGBTQ community has established rainbow-themed Disney get-togethers and “Gay Days” for the past couple of years, but for the first time ever, Disney is hosting their own Magical Pride!

Inspired by self-organized events at Disneyland Paris, June 1 will mark the first of many Disney theme parks to hold an event openly celebrating the LGBTQ community. Expect illuminated parades, after-hours access, and a memorable dance party alongside some of your favorite characters.

We don’t know about you, but a trip to Paris this Summer isn’t exactly practical, so we’re hopeful that this spectacular event sparks the attention of our neighboorhood Disney theme park. During last year’s Pride month, Disneyland debuted a pair of Rainbow Love Mickey Mouse ears which were too adorable to describe.

The park website encouragers attendees to live their “best life and shine with the joy of diversity!” Tickets to the event start at $90USD while children under the age of three receive free admission. Book your reservation, here.

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